Why Motivation Doesn’t Last Long

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Many people after they have either read an inspirational or motivational book or heard a motivational speaker become very excited and enthusiastic. Within four to six weeks the enthusiasm wanes and their suddenly new found excitement disappears

Why does this happen when the author or speaker was probably first class and very successful? Why does the motivation not last?

The reason for this conundrum is because the human mind is programmed at a very early age and most of the programming is of a negative nature, which restricts achievement of the human potential. As a result of this disinformation the person develops a very limiting belief or expectation of themselves and performs accordingly for the remainder of their life unless they are fortunate enough to learn how to reprogramme themselves.

It is almost like that same person deciding to refurbish their entire home because they want a new type of living being that they are fed up with the old style, as it doesn’t do much for them. So they move all their old furniture into the garage with the intention of looking at a major change by purchasing new and exciting furniture and fittings. Over the next few days and before they have a chance to really refurnish the home they look around at the bare rooms and decide to bring back in at least a few chosen items to fill the void. First it is a picture perhaps then a chair and before you know it everything is back as usual. Do you get the picture? Why do they do this? The old stuff feels more comfortable and familiar.

How does this relate to the human mind? It is important to remember a person will always perform and relate to others consistently with the picture they hold of themselves. If that picture has no limitations and is full of positive expectation for their future then they can achieve almost anything. If their picture is limiting then they will be restricted in their achievements and their personal relationships until a major change takes place in their belief system, which requires that person to reprogramme the human computer called the brain.

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