We Experience Our Expectations

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If you are earning say, $60,000 per year and you change companies, chances are you’ll still earn around $60,000 with the new company.
Your future is predictable by your expectations and your success is restricted only by your low expectations. You can have all the necessary qualifications and experience but if you limit your expectations of success you will never succeed. Good mental health is about programming yourself on a daily basis.

A matter of choice
We can be a partner in our own treatment and aspirations of a cure. In the final analysis we know our bodies functioning and capabilities better than anyone who only sees us when we decide to consult them.
When diagnosed with cancer the specialist couldn’t give me a prognosis with any certainty. He believed that it would advance rapidly unless I undertook immediate invasive surgery with the statistics against full recovery plus there was a truck load of side effects, Since then I outlived his expectations and am free of cancer through my choices

Mixed emotions
We should be integral in the choice of the treatment, whether traditional therapy or natural remedies which could solve or prevent health problems.
We live in a world of mixed emotions. There are many people living lives full of hope, happiness and fulfillment who know how to cope with life’s challenges both mentally and physically. They are the people who beat the odds and succeed against all the opinions to the contrary. There also those millions of others who lead lives of quiet desperation and who’s future look anything but rosy. It is these people who fear and even expect illness or disease because they are externally driven and controlled.
Millions of people around the world suffer from the scourge of depression which interferes with good health and it starts with the thought processes. When we allow our thoughts to deteriorate through anxiety and worry it is certain that mental and subsequent physical health will suffer. Anxiety is a common and sometimes useful response, but for some it spins out of control. Many sufferers become accustomed to their condition assuming it’s normal to feel constantly on edge.

The biology follows the psychology
In most cases illness is preventable. But we are programmed at an early age to believe someone else has all the answers. So we grow up believing this negative disinformation promulgated by those who lack the knowledge of how the mind works and those whose interest is in opposition to natural health remedies.
In 2000 for example, the top ten drug companies in the USA had a median profit margin of 17% compared with only 3.1% for all other industries in the Fortune 500 list. Those ten companies made more in profits that year than the other 490 companies put together. The drug companies like to say prices have to be high to cover research and development costs, but it would be truer to say they are to cover marketing costs and profits. Throughout the 1990’s top drug companies spent approximately 35% of sales on marketing and administration and only 12 to 14% on research and development

When faced with cancer I began studying natural healing methods including natural foods such as Colostrum, Bovine Cartilage, Green Barley and many other products. The latest of these is Gelceuticals by Agel – which are powerful bio-available nutrients, minerals and vitamins suspended in a pleasant tasting gel in a small satchet, and now available worldwide.
David Wolfe once wrote – “You are not what you think you are but rather, what you think – (therefore) you are”

Take charge
The majority of people today are concerned with their emotional, physical and financial needs. Everyone wants to be significant and fulfilled, healthy and live a long life. The way you think and how you programme yourself to believe is the determinant in which your life will unfold.
Programme your mind to own and possess good mental health which starts with personal development and mental growth. Those with powerful mental health generally enjoy life more and are healthier. Just imagine how you would feel if you had it all……occupation or business achievements, a loving relationship, vibrant health and financial sufficiency.
Wouldn’t those be wonderful? Look at your life; do you have what you really, really want?

You CAN create the life you want.

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