Skills-Gap Analysis

A Skills-Gap analysis makes certain that a company gets value for money and benefits from any training, and ensures Management and Staff are developed in the right areas. It identifies gaps in the team’s performance and knowledge in areas for training and development. In other words, reveals what they “Don’t Know.”

Before a Skills-gap analysis is carried out benchmarking is put in place to ensure there is a clear picture of what the ideal performance should look like in each area of the team’s roles. This step is called Competency Profiling, and looks into the attitudes, behavior, knowledge and specific skills needed for staff to excel in their particular role.

Once the benchmarking has been completed and preferred competencies identified for each specific role, its then time to measure the teams’ proficiency against the competencies identified. Once the team has completed their individual skills-gap analysis, a report is compiled.

Based on the results we then develop training and coaching programs to ensure those development gaps are filled. This is achieved through the execution of our programs. You need to know that your investment in the development of staff is beneficial and value for money. This is where the evaluation stage is carried out. We carry out continuous evaluations to ensure we deliver continuous improvement resulting in your business enjoying increased profitability.

Skills-Gap Analysis Performance Areas

The skills-gap analysis looks at the following performance areas:

  • The Psychology of Selling
  • Attitude, Self-Image and Expectations Performance
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Relationship Building, Communication & Negotiating Skills
  • Personality Profiling
  • Professional Client Services

*A Skills-Gap Analysis is produced for Performance Psychology Ltd. in conjunction with SkillzGap™.com who are the registered trade name owners and developers of this system