Accountability & Responsibility

This programme teaches people how to take ownership of their lives, build core values and the vital role they play. You will learn how to build commitment in staff. It outlines why failing to accept responsibility results in negative consequences. Demonstrates how to control behavioural traits and gives you a workable plan of action to be more responsible and accountable.

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  • Taking ownership for yourself and the company – for what you did or didn’t do
  • Communication Skills – How could you have improved them
  • Looking for the good in others – Were you a good finder
  • Commitment– to changing your behaviour
  • Values and motives uncover a person’s motivation and core values
  • What does ‘Accepting Personal Responsibility’ mean?
  • How failing to accept personal responsibility results in negative consequences
  • Develop new, rational, replacement beliefs to help you accept responsibility for yourself
  • The keys in accepting personal responsibility?

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