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Commitment helps you light the fire within yourself. It is also a pledge to yourself to a certain purpose you hold to be important. It is one of the most important factors of individual success. To be committed requires of you a strong belief system i.e. strong expectations you hold to be true about yourself and a willingness to see it through. Commitment focuses on an optimism in the future, but it is a two-way street. You only get it if you are willing to give it which requires leading by example and eliminating complacency.

Every successful person you will read about has one common denominator – the ability to hold true to their commitment. So what is it that sets individuals apart, what is it that great leaders in society and business are committed to? It is a sense of values both to themselves and to others. Here are some of those values:

Integrity means being honest in all your dealings whether on a personal or corporate level. This integrity defines both you as an individual or your organization’s uniqueness and direction in which you want to head. This leads to a vision and purpose for yourself, your organization or company, and consequently commitment to others.

Self confidence
Means absolute trust in yourself to accomplish whatever it is you set out to achieve. It also means a positive commitment to yourself, employees and customers. It’s an assurance that the thing is possible. This reflects itself in the building of confidence in others because confident people demonstrate their faith in others by expressing what Mark Twain once said: “that they too can become great” the hallmark of a great person.

Self-improvement strengthens commitment because it forces you to take a long hard look at your limitations and do something about them. In the process you become strong in character and expose the leader within you.

Commitment to others
The first demonstration of commitment to others is how you treat others with respect, encouragement and praise for effort. Ensuring that everyone is treated equally, that they given their rights, such as the right to be heard, the right to an opinion and finally the right to be treated as a human being and not just a number on a pay roll. Also, that there are open lines of communication so that everyone gets a chance to be heard. Cooperation in any society or organization is vital. How people talk to, and about each other, greatly affects the quality of that cooperation.

Commitment is tested and proven during tough times. When your competition scores heavily against you, when the cash-flow dries up, or when the success wears off, this is when it is easiest to compromise your commitments. When you are well down the road and feeling perhaps a little weary or ever slightly disillusioned just remember why you started out on the journey in the first place. Ask yourself: what was your purpose and stay focused on that. Has that purpose changed? No? Then carry on. Have for your motto – “I will not quit”

You need to accept that if you are going to feel good about commitment, then it’s going to be because you’ve done something about it. Make the decision to do something about it now, and make sure you stick with it.

If you want to move on with your life, if you want to take control and not let the fear of commitment rule you for the rest of your life, then make the decision to do something about it today.

Make a commitment!

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