About Charles Donoghue

Charles Donoghue is a ‘Performance Psychology Coach’ and Behavioural Consultant. He has spoken to the Executives and Staff of many of the country’s largest Corporations, Organisations and Colleges and worked with international athletes. His dynamic talks and seminars on Mega Thinking and Performance Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

He is the author of several books, inspirational DVDs, CDs and runs Internet Online Coaching programmes worldwide.

He has dedicated his life to showing how everyone young or older can really control their destiny through the power of reprogramming the brain to achieve greater results.

Charles has undertaken psychology studies specifically in relation to personal performance and behaviour making him a leading expert in developing human potential.

He is one of New Zealand’s most entertaining and informed speakers who generates enthusiasm and excitement. His presentation is centered around current issues of concern to every business leader today: leadership, empowering management, stress elimination and improved staff performance. Every appearance is comprehensively researched and tailored to suit every event.

Charles has spoken to many corporations around the world and featured on TV and Radio in several countries and had his own weekly slot on the TVNZ “Good Morning Show,” and Prime TV. He has spoken at the International Business College at Foshan University, China.